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I am looking for structure, depth and meaning; for reasons I do not fully understand, I generally end up on the scientific and technical side of (so-called) answers. I am much too aware that while the questions linger, answers come and go, from simple to complicated and from sensible to silly; they keep us occupied. We live in a world replete with information, answers come to us even before we can think of a question.

At some point not too long ago I started asking questions that I thought mattered more. My questions are those I carry around as I move from one branch of computer science to another, overlapping fields in mathematics, physics and biology.

  • Why do we overread random data? To gain pleasure or to alleviate pains?
  • Are algorithms and computing machines only trivial aspects of our universe?
  • Are there reasons for uncomputable things to exist? Are they necessary?
  • Is there an experiment that will prove or disprove whether our universe is simulated? (This question is not as absurd as one might think, see here and here).
  • What is quantum information? I see a lot conflicting definitions.



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